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Set Lunch

Everyday 12pm - 4pm | One course €22 | Two Course €25 | Three Course €28


Soup du Jour (V).

Warm Stout Bread, Salted Butter (1,7,9)

Salad Paysanne

Pancetta, Cashel Blue, Walnuts, Croutons, Mixed Leaf Salad, Walnut Vinaigrette (1,7,8 walnuts, 10,12)

Parma Ham & Mozzarella

Plum Vine Tomato, Shallot & Herb Salad, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (7,8(pinenuts),12)

Sauteed Gambas & Nduja / Supp €6

White Wine, Garlic, Coriander, Lemon, Butter & Warm Sourdough (1,2,7,12)

Glazed Sticky Pork Belly

Red Cabbage Slaw ‘Asian Style’, on Grilled Flatbread, Chilli, Spring Onion, & Coriander (1,6,7,9,11,12)

Plats Principaux

Tempura Of Atlantic Hake ‘Fish n Chips’,

Minted Garden Peas, Tartare Sauce, Grilled Lemon Twice Cooked Fries (1,4,10,12)

Roast Spiced Cauliflower Steak (V).

Cauliflower Puree, Grilled Broccoli, Toasted Almonds, Watercress Salsa Verde, Curry Oil (7,8(almonds, pine nuts))

Farm Reared Chicken

Braised in Tomato & Olives, Crispy Ham, Tarragon Potato Puree (7,9,12)

Moules Mariniere

White Wine, Cream, Onion, Garlic & Parsley with Fries (9,12,14)

Steak Frites / Supp €10

8oz Longford Black Angus Rib-Eye Steak, Fries, Dressed Mixed Leaf Salad, Bearnaise (1,3,10,12)

Sides/Supp €6

Twice Cooked Fries with Bearnaise


Potato Puree with Fine Herbs and Olive Oil


Chantenay Carrots, Garlic, and Coriander



Sable Biscuit

Creme Patisserie, Strawberry Jam, Fresh Raspberries (1,3,7)

Irish & French Cheese Plate / Supp €5

Fig Compote, Walnuts, Sourdough Crackers (1,7)

Classic Madagascar Vanilla Creme Brulee.

Fruit and Nut(1,3,7,8)

A L L E R G E N S  1 . G l u t e n  2 . S h e l l f i s h  3 . E g g s  4 . F i s h  5 . P e a n u t s  6 . S o y b e a n  7 . M i l k  8 . N u t s  9 . C e l e r y   1 0 . M u s t a r d 

1 1 . S e s a m e s e e d  1 2 . S u l p u r D i o x i d e  1 3 . L u p i n  1 4 . M o l l u s c

A Discretionary 12.5% Service Is Added. All Gratuities And Service Chargeare Given Directly To Staff

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